Recommend me a gpu

I have an r9 290 , that's completely ragged. It works fine during games , but is completely fried when idle and is a broken ass mess.

I got maybe 150$ max 100$ prefered
Don't care if it's nvidia or amd , but I kinda like amd.
HAS TO output 4k at 60fps via hdmi to work with my display.
I don't game a lot but when I do I'd like it to not be 100% terrible.

Haven't really payed attention to gpu's in forever.

Also , should I just get a replacement r9 290? I like this card , and they're only 190$. Is there anything better for 190$ that would be a better replacement?

an AMD 480 or nvidia 1060 would be ideal but both are a fair bit over your price range.

I would see what a r9 390 will do for you price wise as its a bit better than a 290 or look at a 970 to get the same performance as what you already have.

The 390 seems to cost more than the 290 , least that's what I'm seeing on ebay.

The 970 looks interesting , didn't even realise how much faster it is than the 290 , guess the 290 is alot like the 2900xt in terms of popularity lol

You could get a used Mid-tier card. But a new card for that price isn't going to be very good. Maybe you could find a Non-reference Rx 470.
RX 460 is in that price range but it's not gonna do too much for ya

Newegg Sapphire RX 460 with custom cooler $120 plus shipping

yeah the 970 vs a 290 is no comparison a 970 vs a 390 and its neck and with a slight lead to the AMD.

The only thing I'd recommend upgrading to is the GTX 1070. The RX 480 performs almost the same as a R9-390 and the R9-390 = R9-290.

You won't get much a performance benefit with the RX 480 from a R9 290..

Though that's IF you don't care which GPU vendor you go with. If you want AMD then by all means grab an RX 480. Though realistically all you're getting is more VRAM and not a performance benefit.

EDIT: posted reply for a different thread.

I agree, 1070 is a huge upgrade, but that's $400-$450+, which is way out of his price range

Sticking to his price, 480-470 is a sensible max

He might not have read that I'm replacing a broken gpu and thought I was trying to upgrade it. But yes even the 470/480 is out of my price range with the majority of them being over 200$.

It would also appear as the the 970 is also too expensive leaving the 460 as my possible last option.

Perhaps I could get another 290 , use it as my main gpu , and only use the damaged 290 in crossfire mode for when I game. and disable it when I'm on the desktop.

for your situation, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

And that lead will continue to grow if history is to repeat itself (which it often does... and this time there's the memory issue which hurts it at higher resolutions).

The 460 will provide a pretty crap gaming experience. Especially at 4K but if it is your only option then it is probably the best. Just try to find one of the cheapest ones out there. Alot of the 460s are stupidly overpriced and overbuilt.