Recommend me a clear keyboard

Alright guys, so i have been using my modded rubber dome for about a year now, and while i love it (well, its nice) its time for a change. According to what i have read, clears are the most like rubber domes, i like the fell of my rubber domes so i want to stick with the feel. Also, its a modified Apple pro keyboard (the white one), and guess what that means, I'm used to having my windows key where my alt key would go on a mechanical keyboard.

So here is what I'm asking, does anyone know of, or own, or know where to buy  a keyboard with clear switches, and the windows key and alt key swapped?


Thanks guys,


really?, no one knows of a keyboard like that?

Grab any MX Clear keyboard, swap the caps, and remap them via software or a Teensy.

I think Ducky has some keyboards that allow you to switch the alt and Windows keys.

k120 logitech

I know it's really basic, but you will learn so much more than having a really supped up keyboard. 

Learn about what?