Recommend Civilization / Country builder sim

I am looking for an advanced realistic country builder / civilization builder sim game.
Any recommends?

Cities Skylines
Simcity 2013
Kingdoms and Castles?
Europa Universalis
Tropico 6


Democracy 3 comes to mind:

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Honestly any of them…

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Cities Skylines!

Does RimWorld count?

I recommend Cities Skyline as well. Managing traffic there is a measure of success for me. Keeping traffic above 90 in a population of 90k+ is a wonder. Does public transpo ever get profitable?


I like some of those suggestions like Cities Skylines, Europa Universalis and Tropico 6 and I will give them a try however some of the rest at least from a first glance don’t seem very realistic, advanced or complex. My idea is to have something that’s as close as possible to how a real world would work (to the degree that we can simulate it on a desktop computer of course). Something with economy, politics, crime, taxes, transportation efficiency etc.

Oh Cities Skylines will give you all the traffic issues you can possibly want :smiley:
I suggest you get the traffic DLC as well if you don’t have it.


TrafficManager PE and your early game shortcuts coming back to bite you in the ass.

OpenTTD is the game for all the transport entthusiasts.

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