Recommend a case?

I’m looking for a new case

Would prefer it to be a silent case, Silverstone Seta Q1 is ideal, but its impossible to get anywhere at the moment…

I have a limit of maximum 50cm deep and 50cm tall, so BIG full towers is not an option

I have a full ATX sized motherboard and a 360 aio, plus a really big 1200 watt psu and a 33cm long graphics card, so all big components into a medium case.

Prefered no intake on front (so the aio need to be in the top or bottom)

Currently looking at InWin 103, not a silent case, but looks like it fits the other requirements

Do you have any other idea?

Me, personally, I’d watch Steve from GN’s latest and some old top case reviews and pick one from their then try to watch from other channels as well like hardware canucks and kitguru for final review.

I just tried sketchup the 103 case from inwin with dimensions of my hardware. I think its actually possible

I have a 6800xt Taichi graphic card, a Asus Z370 X code, a huge 1200 watt corsair power supply and a Ryujin 360 aio from asus.

It looks like it will all fit.
The circle is a ML corsair fan, the blue the distance from gpu to rad and the orange is the thickness of the noctua fans the rad came with

Its super compact, which is a benefit where i need it to be placed

This completely depends on your budget of course.

I would probably ditch the 360 rad, go with a Meshify 2 Compact Dark Tempered Glass — Fractal Design and get a top mounted 240 or 280 rad. Another option is to ditch the middle fan of the 360 to fit your GPU.

If only your GPU wasn’t obnoxiously long, the C compact could easily fit a 300 mm card. I really do dislike the current trend of putting oversized cards on the market, but whatever. Good luck! :slight_smile:

BeQuiet! SilentBase 600 series
Fractal Designs Meshify/Define7 series


Going at the top of my head it seems like the LianLi Lancool II Mesh might be ideal.

If I’m not mistaken isn’t putting the radiator at the bottom a bad idea? Top and side-mounted are the optimal options I thought.

Here’s the latest (as in 12 hrs ago latest) best of 2021 cases by GN. I havent watched it yet but you check it out.

I am doing something similar. I cant find a decent 2RU(ish) full ATX small formfactor case. So I ordered some stock alumiunum and some perforated aluminum and I am building a custom SFF case.

I am building it without room for drives, the graphics card will be full height but not full length. The longest card and thickest card it will support is dual width and 12" long. That should fit most mid to low end cards. Its 2021(almost 22) no need for HD’s or disk drives since everything is m.2.

I will try to blog my build once I get started!


I just ordered the Fractal Designs Define 7 (not the Compact or the XL). Amazing design and build quality, and options galore.

It has plenty of room for these and many, many possible configurations for AIOs. Great price on newegg also.

Yes to the Define 7

Am I the only one actually reading the OP specs? The Define 7 is not going to cut it, the compact might if you remove the middle AIO fan for the GPU though… But not ideal.

I feel the best case would be one with a top-mounted 360 AIO, I have yet to find one small enough to fit that bill though.

Yep, the In-Win 103 would be able to fit it all for sure. Here is a slightly different suggestion if you would be willing to downgrade to a 280 RAD though. Sliger Cerberus X would fit your entire parts list except for the 360 rad and it is hard to find better case dimensions than 380 x172 x 358 (23.4 liters). Sliger cases are really good, but expensive… :slight_smile:

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Worth the cost imo

I just got the 103 delivered, it is sitting in a box behind me now. Im waiting for some cable mod cables to arrive, they take a while in the postage. Better make it look pretty if im doing this right.

Im confident the 103 will work beautiful, yeah i guess bottom mounted rads is not ideal, heat rises at least and potentially puts a little extra stress on the pump, but im ok with that, this is for sure not my last case.

Wait and see, ill make a separate thread about this build when Ill actually putting it together, its going to be a super tight build in more than one way


by the way, thanks for all the recommendations!!! The amount of response on Level1Tech always surprise me, you guys totally rock

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Looking forward to the build log, hope your purchase works for you! :slight_smile:

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