Recomend me a 1440p (above 60)Hz g-sync monitor ($800 US budget)

I've been looking at the Asus Rog Swift, but even recent reviews have said people are FREQUENTLY having terrible back light bleeding. I really don't want to buy something I have to send in 2-5 times before I get something of quality. I'd like to keep it under $800 US dollars. Not sure if it matters but I have a 980 ti and 6600k. Neither are overclocked as of now.

EDIT: Also I try to stay away from DELL products these days because most people say they have bad experiences with them, but a local store has that I had considered before seeing the Swift

Acer makes one, it's $750, you could always save 200 bucks and still get a 1440p 144hz IPS display going free-sync, and then just hope nvidia cares about freedom someday, or more realistically put the saved 200 bucks towards a new GPU when they all launch in a few months

The ROG Swift is nice, I have one. Viewing angles aren't great, but I'm not super picky about that since it swivels and tilts to wherever I happen to have my head centered. The Acer equivalent is slightly more reliable, from what I hear, but I like mine so far. No backlight bleed issues, and I actually have a refurb one that I got for around 500 dollars. There is a specific reseller on ebay and amazon who sells the refurbed ones, and they have a return policy where if you have two dead pixels they will replace it for you.

I've got the little brother to the Acer(mine is the XB240H 24in [email protected] G-Sync); mine has been great. Love the high refresh rate and G-sync; honestly I don't even regret getting the 1080p version. I'd rather have fewer pixels at a higher framerate at this point, but I'm on a regular 980 and it would struggle to maintain high FPS at 1440p. Eventually I'm planning to add another panel to two for extra screen real estate; those will probably be more color accurate IPS panels. The color accuracy is my only issue with the panel, but that may not apply to the 1440p version because I think it's IPS.