Recently switch over to a rack

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I now only use my PC for editing photos and video. It also stays on
pretty much 24/7 so that I can transfer files to it while I'm out
shooting. It's my little home server. There are a lot of things I still
need. Like a UPS and a few more rack mounted things.

Yes.. I know.. I have a ton of mouse pads. The glass desk made me do it. The black mats over to the right are anti-static and that whole area is my workbench/charge-station/data-transfer-station (I am a photographer and I fix PCs on the side, so lots of charging batteries and offloading SD cards)

Full desk pano

Full PC specs:
-MSI XPOWER X99 mobo
-Gigabyte Windforce GTX980
-4x4Gb 2400mhz Adata DDR4 16GB
-250GB Kingston HyperX Predator M.2 SSD
-250gb Samsung 840EVO
-4TB HGST deskstar HDD
-1.5TB Seagate barricuda
-1TB WD Green
-6x other random 1TB drives (getting ready for NAS build (fractal case underneath desk))

-Pok3r w/MX-Browns
-Logitech G502
-2x 24" Asus Monitors 60Hz

Network gear:
-WD My Cloud 4TB NAS
-Charter ARRIS Modem
-Monoprice 8-port gig switch
-Linksys E2500 router

Audio gear:
-Onkyo HT-R2295 receiver
-Bose satellite speakers x4
-Audio Technica ATH-AD500X headphones
-Klipsch 12" sub

seeing all dem cores. Yes, I'm going to overclock. Getting a different cooler before I do that though.

i7 5930k being cooled by a Be Quiet! dark rock 3. It's great, but it doesn't fit in the server case by about 2mm.

glory shot of the predator

glory shot of the HGST drive

My Drive set-up. I use batch scripts to copy data from PHOTO MAIN SSD to Photo-Archive and then back everything else up to the WD My Cloud.

The clock is a rainmeter skin. Both pictures are taken by me. That is my Lexus IS350 in Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah GA. The Picture on the right is me and my Girlfriend ontop of Stone Mountain. Also in GA. (betcha can't guess where I live lol)

This shot shows the I/O cover and the custom carbon fiber wrap I did on the wifi card and heatsink. The Adata RAM is painted in flat black.

Cable management isn't the best I know.

The white on goes out of this room, down the hall, and into the living room lol

A better view of my rack. The case came from a super old phone system from my work.

This area is usually covered in parts, things being fixed, camera gear, or just anything in between. But I always get it cleaned back up again.

underneath my desk I keep all my tools for fixing PCs and laptops and the like. That isn't a mini-fridge. It's the bottom cabinet off an old
scanner from work. On the left there is my old case which is awaiting
some more parts to make it my new HTPC/NAS. It's a fractal design define R4

to the left is a window and a small table. I love this clock. The cisco
boxes are full of HDDs and RAM. The mess of cables is my rasberry pi security camera pointing at the front yard. The keyboard is my old (and sort of dead) Ducky shine 3.

glory shot of the pi

If you own a pair of "gaming" headphones you're really missing out. Get a good pair of open-back headphones like these and a ant-lion mod-mic. Back when I was gaming this was an amazing setup

I love my dragons =3


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