Recently, seeing lots of stuttering in games

I don’t know exactly when this started. But I feel at least maybe the last couple of weeks that I am getting really annoying and frustrating performance dips in games. It doesn’t seem to matter which game, whether csgo, dota or something a little more demanding like sea of thieves. I will notice that the GPU graph in task manager will go from whatever the consistent load was to a sharp dip. In game this results in frames not being drawn and in competitive games, this is really screwing me over. Especially because it seems to be happening every couple of minutes.

I have a ASUS STRIX R9 390 and it’s just over 4 years old. I’ve never tried tweaking this card for any performance, so it’s running stock to the best of my knowledge.

What causes this sort of thing, any suggestions?

My first thought was maybe overheating but I don’t know what would change all of a sudden in that department since my room now is much cooler then during the summer and I always have the case wide open.

What’s the best tool to check gpu temps?

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Post your full system specs, your OS and its version.


To check GPU temperature I suggest “MSI Afterburner” or just use “Radeon settings” . For GPUs anything under 80 degree C is considered fine.
To check more sensors I recommend “hwinfo64”.
Speculations: if your temps are fine, maybe adding a bit more voltage would help, just don’t overdo that, not more then additional 50mV to core/mem.
And to rule out software problems, you could try to game under linux.

HWinfo gets most sensors available in the system. It lets you monitor temperature, voltages and fan speeds.

Random stuttering under Win10 is common and probably caused by high disk usage. One great monitoring tool for that is process explorer


Windows 10
Ryzen 1700
16GB Ram 3200mhz
Radeon R9 390 Asus Strix.
Samsung evo ssd boot drive
OCZ SSD for steam library

When I got home from work today I blew out the inside of my pc cause it was pretty dusty. I took out the gpu and blew that out too so everything on that front should be fine.

I installed the latest 18.12.2 driver today. So hopefully I will be able to report back with some info after some gaming tonight.

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So, I definitely had some dust bunnies but even after blowing out my case and specifically the gpu, I’m still getting performance issues.

Mainly, I’m playing dota 2 at 1440p, msi afterburner says gpu temp is 82c

Sounds like psu.
Better check before the magical fairies arrive.

MrAlfredBuddyGuy I don’t know if this will help, but I read somewhere (I forget where) there is a setting in Windows 10, that needs to toggled (it isn’t set by default) which should help with your stuttering issues. I don’t know where it is located, but if you were to do a google search I am sure you will find out how to enable it.

It’s happening a lot in CSGO also, 70-100 fps then sudden 30 fps dip. but no decrease in gpu, at least not according to task manager.

Starts about 10 seconds when I’m coming from construction to sandbags

I’ve been pulling my hair trying to figure this out. And I have finally found one thing that seems to cause the performance issue. But now I am wondering which pc part of mine is defective where this would actually cause this kind of performance impact.

Please checkout my video to see what I’m talking about.