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Recently my pi has started being unable to be connected to apart from my phone with snycthing

this is what shows up for my pi when I go to see what IP address its using and I have to turn it off and turn it on again to get it working.
if theres anything else I need to send just ask.
I’m tempted to reinstall the OS if I cant get it working since its being a massive pain atm I thankfully havent got much stuff setup on it

It’s the first time you’re using your Pi to do video surveillance and have it connected through wifi?

From my experience Raspberry Pi’s up to the 3B+ have issues transmitting continuously through wifi, especially streaming video. Using ethernet is the only way to have it connected 24/7 and not crashing. The address you’re seeing is a local IPv6 address to the Raspberry.

I wasnt using it to stream video or anything and I should’ve said I had it connected via ethernet and I’ve wiped the SD card anyway and I’m installing ubuntu mate for PI on it and hoping that doesnt decide to break

Through ethernet I’ve never had my Pi being inaccessible or crash regularly. Maybe that’s a service that’s crashing the driver. It even managed to handle Owncloud, PiHole and Transmission on OMV sharing a network drive.

But that doesen’t help. So my suggestion is also to try OMV since, in my opinion, has been a reliable distro to work with. You need to be “careful” with it but it has a really awesome online GUI to set up advanced functions with it. But the most rock solid distro has been Raspbian Minimal.