Recent upgrades to my PC

So I already had upgraded my PC to windows 8.1 pro and samsung 850 pro 128gb.
After using it for a week I can say that loading times are faster for the Windows and applications in the background load fast. When I test out Sony Vegas to see if it will load faster it loads a little faster, but still took some time.

I did not give this setup, any torture test only real-world testing of what I use.


What is your question?

No question, just wanted to talk about my PC.

nice. I think i'll get an SSD as my next upgrade.

Ya computers without ssds should be a thing of the past lol.  I have 3 in my desktop and 1 in my laptop.  Enjoy the speed!

yes the SSD will make overall use a more pleasurable experience ... whether or not you will notice the difference in programs such as Vegas  ... time and you experience will tell.

Edit ... and nice pick with the 850 Pro  ... the ten year warranty is hard to beat at that price point.

The SSD makes a nice difference in using the computer. I have an old SSD and a HDD that I can do video rendering easier now. Chrome is faster to load. This 128gb is good for my needs. Scan times for Norton is fast.