Recent Skyrim Mod guide?

I'm just looking for a recent Skyrim modding guide I can follow thats fairly quick and easy. I used to be heavy into the mods but I don't really have the time for the trial and error it takes right now to find what ones work together and such. I just reinstalled Skryim after buying all the DLC on steam sale

I know Logan made a video with his mods in the past, looking for something similar but maybe a little more up to date. 



Hey :)

This is a guide that is always being updated with the latest fixes, best meshes and great textures and (IMO) is the best starting point for anyone starting modding. They've also teamed up wtih 'Gamer Poets' on Youtube who provide videos for almost every mod installation on the guide should you need help.

It may initially seem like a massive list (which it is) buuut all the work of sorting load orders/ wondering which utilities to download/ wondering which order to install them in/ what is compatible with what, is already done for you. Just download the mods, follow the instructions and you'll be done in a short amount of hours. The only thing they don't cover is cool weapons/ armours ad various other personal taste mods.

By the end of the guide, you'll have a lore friendly, bug free, pretty Skyrim :) 

If you need any help or advice on mods or w/e, hop onto: The Official Skyrim Discussion and I'm sure someone/myself will help you out :)