Recent problem

Recently I had an issue where my computer suddenly decided it didn't want to send video to my monitor.  Since this is my first build I decided to check the gfx card to make sure i put it in correctly. I took the gfx card out and then put it back in again,this resolved the issue.

I was having trouble with my gfx card before, it would stop 'responding'.So i decided to run unigen valley again to see if reinstalling the gfx card made any difference. 


  1. Fps - 58.8
  2. Score - 2447
  3. Min Fps - 26.9
  4. Max Fps - 111.9


  1. Fps - 64.7
  2. Score - 2707
  3. Min Fps - 28.4
  4. Max fps - 121.4

System - EVGA 780 SC ACX, 4770k, z87 PR0, 16g Corsair vengance

My question is why would this happen? Surely If I hadn't put my gfx card in correctly the first time it simply wouldn't work. I'm a computer novice so not sure if my question is silly or not lol. Thanks for your time!

what kind of PSU do you have?  the before and after could be a PSU issue to the GPU...

also i recommend using  MSi kombustor to stress test the GPU for a good while to make sure you dont have a faulty intermittent card.

Maybe you overclocked it In your sleep? Or maybe youndidn't run the same settings on the benchmark. Probably drivers and or nvidia control panel settings.

MSI Kombustor.......Yeah no, DO NOT USE THAT. You will damage your GPU.

how? it's the least demanding "stress test" you can find

and perhaps you installed or a program installed beta drivers that aren't working very well? i would try just going to nvidia's website and installing the latest stable driver, couldn't hurt

Batojiri i like how you reply with out explaining the reason why...