Recent call to AMD

I recently called AMD to ask there suggestion for ether the fx 8350 or a-10 7850k.

this is the suggestion

fx 8350

video rendering

a-10 7850k

other tasks

talking with AMD i found that they don't consider the fx 8350 out of date.

they think that ether processor will work good but for the few i mentioned.

i did ask about HSA and future proofing. 

they said that there is no software to support HSA right now so you just be using the a-10 7850k cpu part. and the gpu for gaming.


i did not get any info on the 7600p or what laptop makers will be on board for this apu. i did ask.


i am still buying the fx 8350. i invested and bought  a good motherboard for it.

i wanted to hear what AMD thought.

Just buy the 8350, alot faster than the 7850k and overclocks better.  BTW, I sent you a message about the FX series, ur going to like it.

thanks for the message. i will be buying the 8350

im interested into what said message about the fx series can be but yaah i read your previous post about the amd future and im cant wait to see the fx in 2014 to 2015 so i can upgrade my fx 6300 to a new fx i wonder when they will refresh the fx series with steamroller

My take is that no Steamroller FX is ever gonna come, neither will a competitive AM3+ chip unless Excavator really turns out to be the game changer for the Bulldozer generation

Excavator is not going to be a game changer but just a good performance boost, the new x86 is going to be a game changer, thats what Jim keller told me when I emailed him.

buy both. you baller you.

i like to buy both. but i use the 7850k for a smaller system. won't use a video card with it. was thinking of a build that mounts behind the monitor. don't know if that would work or not.


I really like their honesty about which product to buy. They're not pushing the newer architecture any harder than they're pushing the higher-power, but older, architecture.