Recent best buy trip

So recently as in about 30 minutes ago i went to best buy. I seen some RAM for what appeared ti he well priced, it was a 16 kit of 2x4GB sticks. Now i know best buy is nornally overpriced but this kit for only $99 and it was 1866MHZ and cas 10. Do im wondering is this a good price?


This is probably just a product of being a college student with very little money to spend on anything in the first place but before I buy anything I really like to go online and research the specific thing I'm buying beforehand and the best way to do that (at least in my experience) is to go on New Egg, Tiger Direct, or Amazon. Read some reviews and stick to companies you know. Corsair, Kingston, Patriot, Adata, etc... Buying things at Best Buy is just not the way to go when you have so many other options online that will probably be cheaper, for a better product, and with a better return policy (Newegg!).

depends on the brand too

So i found this in my area all slightly used for $400. A quick reply on how good the deal is would be appreciated.
-Asus sabertooth 990fx
-Corsair xms3 ram 16gb (4x4gb)
-Samsung 840 pro 512mb ssd
-AMD fx 9590 8 core cpu


Pretty good deal but unfortunately the 990FX chipset wont allow you to get the full speeds of that 840 Pro and you are going to need to buy at least a 240mm All in one cooler such as the H100i/GT since the 9590 runs pretty hot. Who knows perhaps that Sabertooth board maybe having issue hence why the sell may want to sell it. Just be cautious of such deals.
I would suggest just grabbing a the cheapest i5 or i5-4690K if you are going to be gaming. You could also wait for Skylake to release or if you are even more patient wait for AMD Zen architecture to hit the shelves.
The 9590 is an 8350 overclocked to nearly its maximum threshold.

What would be a good way to see if there is anything wrong with a particular part?

Well honestly you would most like just ask the seller to upload a video testing the parts such as running stress test using Prime95 or AIDA64 for the 9590, which I really don't recommend anybody to use a 9590 regardless of their needs. You can also ask for a SSD speed results using Crystal Disk Mark.

Well the 9590 is unopened and he really doesnt want to open it.

Well if it is unopened, it might be fine. I still advise against the 9590 though. I suppose you could just go into the BIOS and under clock it to 4.5 GHz with a lower voltage.

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Alright, thabks for all of the help.

wait, so it was a 8GB or 16GB kit?

Sorry it was a typo, its 4x4gb sticks

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