Reccomend benchmark test for newb

I just finished building my first scratch built computer;

Eventually I'd like to overclock if possible and like to be able to see improvement, if any. I would also like to be able to see any slowdown over time with extra programs and updates. Is there a basic benchmark tool that won't take more than overnight that a newb can use?

I looked at this benchmark thread and don't know enough [anything] about the ones suggested.

Any recommendation?

Install Aida 64 and you are basically done for everything, except the GPU. You can benchmark with Heaven or Valley or 3D mark firestrike...
For gpu stress - furmark... Just put it on, and in the morning if the system haven't blue screened - it's all fine.

Best benchmark tool is yourself tho, you can overclock and get higher points on benchmarks but still notice a performance drop in games or ie file transfers, even tho those usually just mean it's unstable but still, trust your senses not the 'points'

The best benchmark is real world testing. You can run all the synthetic test you want, they don't accurately represent how the computer will perform in the test that you actually use the machine for. Nothing beats real world testing and adjusting for how you use the machine.

Thanks for the answers. I don't particularly care if the tests mirror real world results, just that they are repeatable and show an increase or decrease in performance when I change the computer. I want to be able to quantify the changes I make.

The best CPU stress-test/benchmark IMO is IntelBurnTest. It uses linpack, same as Intel uses for testing its chips.

Memory stability testing is more complicated as it cant be done in OS but i use MemTest86. You could search in windows for memtest to use Microsofts version but is not as extensive.