Rec for Full Size SD Card with High Endurance (for Using as OS/Recovery Tools Boot Drive)


I’d like to set up a regular sized SD card (not microSD) with something like Ventoy (a bootloader that lets you select from various Live ISO images at startup).

Any recs for full sized SD cards that have high endurance and would be useful for this? I’ve got a list of good microSD cards that all come with adapters, but I feel like I’d get an overall sturdier package if I just bought one of the bigger cards.


Usually anything that is designed for industrial use with SLC NAND should be good.

I trust Delkin Devices since they are a good brand in the Video/Photo business:

SanDisk (or WD) Automotive SDSDA served me well for similar use.
Difficulty is to find a retailer shipping in packages of less than 100 pieces.