Rebuild of my PC

This is the list of the new PC I want to rebuild. The only new parts in this build is the ram,ssd, windows and video card and Blu ray burner.

Please feel free to make any adjustments.

Why do you need 32GB of RAM?.... Why the need for more than 120GB of SSD?... Why Windows 8.1?

Basically... what are you using the build for? What all are you storing on the SSD?

I do not believe that you will utilize more than 16GB of ram ... 32GB is complete overkill and if you haven't bought the AIO water cooler I would recommend a Noctua D15 for better and quieter performance ...

The SSD choice is awesome ... ten year warranty is hard to beat and I personally like a large primary drive. 

I don't understand the need for two blue ray burners ... unless you are bootlegging ...

i could not find the asus blu ray player i had so i just put a random asus blu ray drive on the list.

i already have the water cooler.

the lg blu ray burner is for backup storage.

why not use 32gb? i video render home movies.

I don't see the use of paying for SSDs past 120GB... it's just expensive for core program space you won't use... I'm using 67GB on my primary Corsair Force LX and I've got Windows 7, CS6, Solidworks, Mastercam, MS Office, and bunch of utilities and other random programs... I don't even have a use for my Kingston SSDNow (that I bought before the NAND switch) anymore, so I use it for cache and downloads...

looks great then ...  should do it well

he is using it for fast access to large video rendering projects

If it saves money, then I can just keep it 16gb then

So long as you host the files on SSD then transfer to your HDD after rendering, then you'll use the extra SSD space... (I didn't realize you were video rendering)

... I still see no need for 32GB of RAM... what program are you using?

16GB should be enough ... if not you can always add more later

I apologize ratzzz if I was rude.

i have sony vegas movie studio. i am also considering buying cyberlink powerdirector.

We're good ... I myself have been apologizing to people all day sorry for insinuating bootlegging   ...  lol

I just having a rough patch in real life ... it's not you guys.

i got no problem with the bootlegging lol. relax its all good.

I say don't worry about offending people  some people overreate .