Reasonably Cheap High RAS Upgrade

My old i7 950 system running Linux Mint has fallen to its knees in the last week, the memory is full of errors. I think I need to switch out the Mainboard, CPU, and RAM just to be sure.

I would love some pointers regarding what y’all think the best bang for buck high(ish) reliability combo would be. Looking for at least the same number of cores and better reliability and data protection all around. Money is a little tight but no system is not an option, I will probably turn this into a server/NAS and get something a little more powerful once I’m feeling more flush. I’m thinking AMD cause they let one use ECC and all the virtualization extensions.

I would also be interested in what UPS you might recommend (maybe it’s just anything big enough from APC?).

Also what tests beyond Memtest86+ and Prime95 should I run before trusting this system?

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I’m not sure that this is the best feature to look for or focus on. The ECC they “let” you use isn’t very common, so large amounts can be very expensive.

If ECC is important to you, at a fair price, look at a used workstation / server class board and previous generation Xeon … You can use the much more common and less expensive server class ECC ram and the prices are fairly attractive.