Realtek Ethernet "Deep Sleep Mode"?

For my desktop , I had to get a new motherboard which broke and got a RMA done, and not to long after my power supply blew on my computer. I have had the computer working well until now. I did disable the power management when it was working and i get no lights from the Ethernet ports. When i boot windows 7 it does do the blue spinning circle looking for a network and goes to red. When i troubleshoot with windows it only says to install the drivers 

I have tried: 

Attempt at re-installing driver to get same message

Re-boot and take out and put in Ethernet cable

Remove Battery 

Remove Ram 

Re-installed OS and Different OS 

My Build 

Mother Board - MSI 970A -G47

Processor- AMD FX-6100

Graphics Card - MSI R7770 

PSU - RX -530SS

Ram - 8GB 

Unsure if this could be related but i have never had the audio ports work.
Any and all help would be appreciated and if you have had this issues please comment