Really weird pulseaudio usb microphone issues

Has anyone else encountered issues like these I’m trying to use discord on the latest version of Manjaro and my Blue Snowball microphone just sounds like this. . I’m pulling my hair out trying to fix this issue but nothing seems to work.

This is the sound card i’m using = “ALC887-VD Analog” = “SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (M5A78L LE)”

I hope you guys might have to insight on this cause I’ve run out of ideas, thanks.

Did you check all the audio options in pavucontrol?

Also, welcome to the 1 side.

What do you mean? Its all there by the looks of it.

Under the configurstion tab there’s a couple different audio modes to try out

Oh i should of clarified i’ve tried both modes on that microphone.

The arch wiki has some well-documented troubleshooting procedures.

Yeah i’ve gone through that multiple times to no avail. That’s why I’ve come here to see if anyone else has had similar issues and see what they did.

I do not use discord but heard other Linux users say must turn off echo-cancellation and automatic level control, no different to other VOIP packages I use

is it plugged into a USB 3 port? I’ve had issues using usb microphones/headphones with USB 3. If you have a USB 2 port available try plugging it into that and testing again.

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