REALLY weird networking issue

So I was required to submit a engineering project at university through email today but when I went to submit the project the school webpage would not load no matter what I did. I restarted over and over and tried to access the page but it just wouldn't work. I tried to access it probably 100 times before the deadline at 1:00 and it just wouldn't work. So I just stopped checking assuming the page was down. I finally called my friend when he got out of work after the project was due to ask if the website was down for him too and he said it wasn't and said he was on wifi. So I switched to wifi and I could access it. Switched back to ethernet and I couldn't. in both cases (wifi and ethernet) I could access all other web pages just fine. This is quite literally the strangest issue I have ever run into and now I'm afraid that I'm going to do really badly on the project because it says no late submittals in the requirements. I'M FREAKING OUT!

I've faced similar problems with sites owned by google. As stupid as it might sound, try puling out the ethernet cable from ur pc and reconnecting.

It finally started working but I tried that while it still wasn't working and nothing happened, I also restarted, ran a network diagnostic, and did a whole bunch of other things but it just started working all of the sudden. It was really strange that I could connect to other sites but not that one...