Really Weird GPU Temperatures


I recently installed my PC into a Fractal Define R4 case. I started looking at the temperatures in my PC compared to my old case NZXT Phantom 410. However, I noticed something very odd.

My graphics card idle around 65C! That seems extremely hot; however, when those cards are under load they never go above 80C. This seems strange to me.

I have two MSI TwinFrozr III Radeon 7950s. Does anyone have any clues?



Edit: The plot thickens... Apparently, I had Aurora (Firefox) open and that was causing extremely high temps. Without it open, my GPUs idle at around 44C. That seems much more reasonable. Does anyone know why Firefox would cause this 20C difference?

Well, the Define R4 is optimized for quiet operation. Not airflow. While the airflow in the case isn't that bad it won't be as good as it was in the Phantom especially because you are running two cards right on top of each other. They can't breathe as well. 

What was the GPU idling at in the old case?

Thanks for the reply. I think I found the culprit though. It was FireFox.

It's interesting, but I believe that my cards idled at 40C in the Phantom and now they are idling at about 42C in the Fractal. So, it's about a 2C difference.

Yeah that seems about right for the temperature increase. I knew it would be a little hotter but I wouldn't think it would be that much!

What exactly was Firefox doing that it was basically Kombustor? 

Yup , my firefox loads my gpus harder. My gpus fans ramp up when i use it. Your temps in that case are extremely bad at 65c. Better fans for intakes may help. I use sp fans if there is any kind of restriction. Fans filters that kind of thing. hard drive cages.

I only had YouTube and TekSyndicate open in Firefox. The sad thing is that I'm using Chrome now. With both Youtube, Teksyndicate, and many more tabs open it barely reaches 40C.

It's funny, because it's running almost exactly like it did in the Phantom now. I guess I should have given it time to cool off.

No, its real.Noticing the sam issue my self. Not quit at bad temps. Dont have a answer as to why. Just assuming that for whatever reason firefox is using way more resources than say chrome. With chrome my gpus fans dont ramp up.

Thanks! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who experience this. I like Firefox more than Chrome, but at 65C it just isn't worth running. I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier. I bet there has been a of wear and tear on my GPUs because of this.