Really pissed at my Ps3. Can anyone help me?

Since two days ago I can't connect to psn through wifi. I was just playing Borderlands and then I got a message saying that I was no longer connected. Now whenever I try to sign in it'll either tell me it is a DNS problem or some other error message. I've turned my router off for a day and then turned it back on and that has not worked. I even used google's public DNS and that has not worked either. When I go to network settings and try to connect to my router it can't even obtain an IP address. If I plug in a network cable it'll work just fine. I have no trouble connecting to my wifi through my laptop and xbox. Any ideas on what I should do? I emailed Sony and they were no help.  

Get a new router


I do like to play my ps3 exclusives. I just don't understand why it won't connect. It was working fine a day ago. 

I just contacted Sony's customer support and I was told to open up ports on my router. I have no idea how to do that. Can anyone explain that to me?

Opening port probably will not help, if the connection works with a wired connection then the ports should be fine

Did you try setting a static IP?  Does the console even see the access point?  maybe the wifi module died

Well I don't think the wifi module died because when I scan for wifi connections my router and several others show up. Its just when I tell it to connect it just does not do anything. It gets to the point where it'll ask if I want to test the connection and it just tells me that it cannot get the IP address. I don't know what a static IP is,

Dont troll please, this is TekSyndycate.

most IP addresses are configured using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) the IP is dynamically assigned by the router and is usually different every time you connect, if you set a static IP address you assign an IP address for the device to use every time it is connected.