Really HTC? Really Samsung? (Rant)

So I was trying to de bloat my mom's HTC Vivid that she had now for two years. It is completely stock. I mean completely stock. Bootloader locked and everything. So today, me and my mom decided to flash it and install a custom rom.

Looking at the steps and stuff, I see that you have to unlock the boot loaders. I don't mind locked boot loaders as long as they allow/give me the option to. Now here is fun stuff, S-off. I almost bricked my mom's phone because of S-on/S-off which I couldn't get off.

Really HTC? Are you kidding me? S-off? Really!? Why do you need that extra layer of (un)security? Why? So I can continue using your Sense over bloated dirty Android ROM? HTC, do you realize that a fourth of the people maybe even more that buy your devices are going to flash a custom ROM, a custom kernel, AND a custom recovery?

Really Samsung? KNOX? Again why!? Why do you need KNOX? Your the leader in Android devices (well everyone considers you the leader) and you throw KNOX to the ROM developers just because it's "better for the user?"

No HTC and Samsung. No it is not. It is stifling what users want in a mobile device. It destroys ROM development that could make your device more stable AND have more features. Your destroying yourself in the process because die hard Android enthusiasts (myself included) will look the other way for a different device from another company. Think that for a second and maybe just maybe you could get more consumers to buy your device and bake up some ROMs that could add more features that you guys left out.

Rant over

But keep in mind that there are some really dumb people out there.

Stuff like this does stifle community development, but HTC and Samsung and carriers may not want someone coming into their store with a bricked or defective phone because someone didn't know how to flash a rom or unlock a bootloader.

That said, I'm pretty new to this android stuff - HTC One M8 user since June.  S-Off and all that, and flashed my first rom about a month ago.

And that is why theirs user agreements that state your voiding your warrenty and the rom developers saying "we dont hold responsible for your device".

I've baught my first android device back in the gingerbread days. It was a Samsung Galaxy Player.


Your S-off must've been easy since its newer. What I hoped would be a simple run and profit but it turned to grabbing a wire and shorting some contacts on the exposed PCB. At that point, i threw my hands up and said im done.


Samsung, HTC and others who screw advanced users like that should learn from this

My Motorola Moto G was the same process except that I didnt have to share my IMEI. This is where all android devices should be IMO. Your not destroying rom development and making advanced users happy in the process.

The LG G2 was extremely easy to root, and unlock the bootloader. I was able to install a custom ROM in about 15 minutes. Looks like I'm one of the lucky ones. :)

To be fair though S-off has been round for a lng time now, KNOX less so, and is known about and relatively easy to get round.

This of course does not change of one second that the process is annoying, un-necessary and in some cases actually harms the end user. I have a Samsung and thankfully got it the series before the Knox stuff came in so it was easy to do what every I wanted to it and now I get much more use out of my phone. To the point where is is easily able to keep up with and blow past brand new phones simply because the bloat and junk slows them down.

Although it is slightly overclocked... Not that it needed it, it was just something I could do so did.

You can blame Verizon for the whole s-off thing. HTC will let you unlock your bootloader via a code you get from HTC Dev but Verizon blocks the HTC Dev codes from being used on Verizon devices thus the s-off exploit is required. If you don't have a Verizon device then you should have just hit up HTC Dev