Really bad games

I posted this a couple days or so on Logan's thread, but he's prefer single thread for questions, so what the hell :P

To Logan and the entire team at Teksyndicate

What are some of the most god awful games you have ever played? For me, some HUGE contenders are Action 52, Athena for the NES, the Atari 2600 version of Double Dragon, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (it's just so mindnumbingly monotonous I almost needed a therapist), Gods for the Genesis, that weird Aerosmith game on the SNES, Terminator for the NES, Skylanders, and I was forced to play Candy Crush Saga (I had to cure the nightmare with every single one of my Opeth albums, I am not kidding)

So yeah, you ever played some REALLY bad games?

Big rigs off the road whatever, look it up on metacritic. I almost thew my deathadder at my monitor

Naughty Bear. I thought it would be GTA, but with bears! How wrong I was...

That game mad me laugh so freaking hard. For godsakes you can reverse in the tightest turning circle ever at 300MPH. :D


Today, gameplay vids and reviews are everywhere so it is really hard to go wrong. When I was younger I always bought official playstation magazine for knowing what to buy. I still buy it today because of nostalgia...

Call of Duty, Halo, SWKOTOR online...

Silent Hunter 5, worst game I've ever bought, I had hoped it would be like the old DOS game, but it was utter bollocks.


Black Ops's. The first one was mindnumbing, eyestraining, and yawn-festive. The second one, still yawn-festive, awful graphics for its time, horendous gameplay, teribble music, awful story

Can people stop hating CoD? It's not the best game, but it's by far not the worst.

Sonic '06 ruined the Sonic series for me.

I loved Final Fantasy Mystic Quest when i was young. I even replayed it on an emulator a few years ago. Loved the musik as well. Oh wait a sec, i am getting stuff mixed up. I am refering to the gameboy game Mystic Quest ( US title : Final fantasy Adventure). I hope you are refering to the SNES game.

E.T for the atari 2600

start game, fall down pit, can't get out of pit, turn game off.

SWKOTOR online? You mean SWTOR? Because if you're trying to say Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I'll have to contest that. But yes, The Old Republic is terrible.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct.



Oh, yes - KOTOR is one of the best games of all time, but SWTOR is terrible.

Yes, I am referring to the SNES game. The Gameboy Final Fantasy was pretty dope.

You're playing it wrong

there was an arcade title on the xbox 360 about the toyota yaris

i am still cleaning up the vomit off the carpet because that game didn't have to exist

I'm not hating on it. I infact love the francise, for some of its products. I see that the Black Ops is either a good idea done wrong or a bad idea made worse. There are CoDs that I like. The first one and the MW series.