Real Emoji on Linux?

Is there a way to get Emojis on Linux (I'm running Ubuntu) so they are displayed like on macOS or on smartphones?

Right now, with fonts-emojione installed, they are quite small and hard to "read" and just black and white too:

This is available as a package on Arch here. I found this link for Ubuntu. Not familiar enough with Ubuntu's package browser to tell you if this is the correct package or not though.

This should at least be a step in the right direction.

I installed the package but nothing changed in the system font itself, so I opened a text editor and picked the Noto font and pasted an emoji but it looks the same like before.. :-/

ctrl+shift+u+hexcode = real emoji

find the hexcodes @

for example

👏 is u+1f44f

Mine is best


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