REAL British tea or that fancy Italian Coffee?

No such thing as british tea......i'd take a strong expresso over a watery cup of tea any day.

Tetley Pyramids owns all

 Coffee beans are neither grown nor harvested in any part of Italy. 

Twining Earl Grey FTW

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a decent cup of coffee, so bitter if you do not choose the right blend. I am going to have to side with Earl Grey tea.

I know that but they make some bloody nice coffee :)

earl grey tastes like perfume and i like my tea strong like bright orange so you can nearly stand the spoon up in it pg strong works too

twinings breakfast tea or a tetley, tiny bit of milk no sugar. as a real brit should have it, in a teapot aswell if possible.

I have to second the motion to strike "English" and "Italian", neither of those produce tea or coffee. An alternative would be: Indian and Sri Lankan black bergamot tea blend or Ethiopian Arabica coffee brewed with high pressure steam. And as far as I'm concerned, screw that Grey aristocrat, I'll take an espresso, or a French or Russian or Turkish brewing method Arabica coffee, or Mint tea or green tea, I'll even take coca cola with sugar over bergamot tea, that stuff is just evil, it tastes like the depths of hell to me lol

What I am trying to say is which do you prefer (where the ingrediants is not relevent.)

I know, it takes a real man to handle the subtle nuances of the Citrus Bergamia  

I prefer both under different circumstances. Quad venti mocha from starbucks at 10:00pm to fuel the insanity or some random loose tea depending on my mood. Might just blend an onion in water with cilantro and salt and call it good. If it's wet and don't kill me and taste atleast interesting I'll drink it.

Taiwanese oolong is where it's at.

yorkshire tea.!

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Turkish coffe with Lemon squezzed in ..... Man thats some Goood shit wooowo clears your head when your suffering from a hangover or a headache (great for me because i get cluster headaches)

Yorkshire Tea, master race reporting in!

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Naafi Break Tea.

Once an exclusive tea for British Forces now available to the public. It is a stronger blend than your average cup of tea. Cheers

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Looking for quality tea?

But their truly isn't a thing such as "Real British Tea"

Then go to a local tea shoppe. Not even kidding. My local tea shop makes their own kind of blends and orders different tea from all over the world. My favourites are Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, Russian Early Grey, China Black, White Tea, Some kind of Lipton Sri Lanka Tea, Palmegranit, Camomile, and many more identified boxes in my cub-bards.

Oh move over lad!

Why do people keep saying there is no such thing as real British Tea? This IS real British Tetley Tea yer bastards!