Readying a Petition Against Apple

I'm starting a petition against apple. I need to make it as convincing as possible. This is what I have so far:

As we all know, Apple has been filing countless lawsuits on different companies. They are suing for stupid reasons such as shapes. Apple sues companies to block the competition. Which is a major loss for us consumers. No one is going to win either way. Apple has patents on shapes; for example, the Wedge Shape Laptops. I find shapes can't be patented because it's a shape. Everyone uses wedge shapes. Having patents like that will hurt the consumer market overall. This really needs to end now. I mean, this is just overboard. Apple really needs to stop now before more damage is done to us consumers


I really need more detail. I'm thinking on sending my Represenetive an email about this soulution to see if there is a law that can be proposed about these issues

You plan to do a petition about every single other major tech company that has filed lawsuits too?

I think there's already some out there, after the whole Boycott Apple crap on G+. But I doubt this may be convincing that's the thing.

That's why I need more info. Also try to encourage people to stay away from apple products

Yeah I think doing a petition all of that sudden without heavy resources and after the hype on the latest video is just too straight forward.

Arrange a meeting before doing any of these and see if it's necessary.

"Business wise" :D


Don't mind RH00D, he's the biggest Apple fanboy to ever troll these here parts :D

This is dumb. Sorry, but its dumb.

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I agree, what Apple is doing is wrong and evil.. and i think they are running out of good ideas  for new products (iPad Mini) so they are just sueing the crap out of anyone plus if anyone saw the most recent Tek Logan said apple is spending a lot more on R&D. Sign of stuggling maybe? I think they're going to fall from the top real soon... 

I think one of the best things we all can do as comsumers is don't buy Apple, Secondly get the word out and tell people not to buy Apple. But i like this bussiness about getting some type of law to stop 'mass sueing' or their should be a 'cool down' period between lawsuits. 

yep, and some real reviews on patents......

This is absolutely stupid and frivolous. I agree that patent trolling is inane, but companies besides apple are doing things like this all the time. What you should do is drop your blind hatred for the company, just because they are one of the biggest names in patent trolling, and write your representative about how there needs to be change in the state of patent laws that are crippling the tech industry(innovations, consumers,ect) .  This fanboyism thing is so annoying Apple vs. Samsung, PS3 vs. Xbox360, console vs pc . People need to stop this alliance to companies, manufacturers, or hardware because in all honesty the things that people pledge their alliance to could give a damn less about them. You might stand up for your hardware of choice but will your hardware of choice standup for you?No!