Ready t to Liquid Cool

Finally found compatible screws to go through my fans into my rad. I also bought a Seasonic 300W PSU to power the loop and test outside my case.


XSPC Raystorm (AMD)

Swiftech 360mm rad

Swiftech and Bitspower fittings

PrimoChill Tubing

Koolance Res

Danger Den DP600P Pump 

Cosair SP120 Fans (or Xigmatek, but leaning on the former. Have both)


The brand new Seasonic PSU was $12 at Microcenter. I also got a new Corsair keyboard that is awesome.

Do you have any questions, or is this a build log?

Let me know if you have any questions about any of our products.

Does this mean we have hardware reps, now? Why didn't I know about this before?

I hope I'm not the first one, but if I am that's cool too. :)