React OS needs its own damn thread!

Too many folks talking about React OS in Logan's video thread this week so i figured why not just make a thread dedicated to the topic and have everyone discuss it here.

Personally from what I have seen on their site:

It is looking like a great little project but I would definitely like to learn more about its hardware support and how it manages drivers.

Use this thread to discuss anything you would like to ask about React OS or discuss information about what you already know, share it with us all and lets see if this inspires Logan and Wendell to maybe talk about it further in a video..

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Where? cause I haven't seen it. ReactOS is a poor man's windows. and has been in alpha for almost 2 decades. there's many alternatives to Windows. ReactOS is not one of them.

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Could you give some examples of windows alternatives that aren't Linux distros with wine pre-configured? I'd like to check them out.

Wait.. why? Why are we talking about reactos? I agree with @kat this is a dead hobby project. People aren't considering this as a windows replacement are they?


ReactOS is a cool project, but it isn't even close to being a good OS.

you do know that WINE isn't the end all to get Windows compatibility on Linux yes? WINE isn't perfect. the farthest you are going to get running windows applications in Linux is in a virtual machine, but you need necessary hardware and dedication to do something like that.

If you're interested @FlameSilver, have you heard of a VFIO passthrough? It may be in your interest to look that up if you want to run Window applications and games at a near native speed through a virtual machine.

I'm not saying we shouldn't have a thread, but it's not even close to being an alternative. it's still stuck overall in Windows 2000 when it comes to compatibility and all around support.

React OS indeed is most like a project rather then a full feutured stable OS.
Iยดm not fully sure how much relevance this project would have today but yeah.

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OS/2 was the replacement for DOS that ReactOS is trying to be for Windows, and OS/2 crashed and burned spectacularly. This has been in the works in some form or another since 1996. Twenty years and they don't have a functional product.

It's an interesting toy, but running it as a daily driver looks like a really really dumb idea.

I have the hardware for a virtual machine and I'm happy using Linux, anyway. It's just that I can't connect to my schools network with Linux and I want to run something on bare metal that doesn't have all the spyware of windows 10 (I have locked it down but I still don't feel safe using it).

I would prefer not to use a VM on my laptop honestly though, I don't want a core taken up just to run Linux for the VM.

Take this issue up with the administrators of your school. Explain to them how Linux is a free alternative that you have always used, and that you don't have the money for Windows (Even if you do. ๐Ÿ˜‰) nor the time at this point to learn a new operating system and that this altercation is hindering your experience and education.

it's not that you can't, your school doesn't support Linux. I remember the security was down in my school for one week for some updates. I was able to connect to the school Wi-Fi just fine. the problem with most school's security system is the executables used to make sure your laptop is secure and won't infect the network is that they are all .EXE files and .APP (OS X) files.

Wouldn't be worth it, I only have a month left here. After that I'm at home studying for exams.

Yeah, I know. I was just getting the point across.

Ah, that sucks. Best thing to do in that situation is just to have a small Windows partition. :( I have one for gaming and that's it.

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Of course there is nothing wrong with making a thread about a distribution you like.
Maybe you could a nice review on it?

Oh hello Windows 95!

So is this another Linux distro? I can't be bothered to look into it any further after seeing those horrible screenshots

No. It's not linux.