Re-using an HDD?

I would like to re-use my current internal HDD with a new motherboard.  Is it possible?  If so, how could I do it without losing any files?

I forgot to say that it will be running Windows 7.

If you have enuff space on it you can partition it and install your new os to it.

Then copy the files you need to the partition then wipe the rest of the disc and remove the partition and use the entire disc as your C drive 

What I meant to say was that Windows 7 is my current OS and I will not be changing it.  I am just worried about any potential driver issues or other such things.

You should be able to uninstall old drivers and reinstall new ones, but it's not recommended.

You will have to reinstall windows with a motherboard change (anless you have changed a like for like motherboard) if you changed for a differnt motherboard you will need a fresh installation of windows.

Windows dosent like hardware changes and will not boot up with a big change in hardware like a motherboard