Re-Purposed to a Server

Hi Guys

I have an old computer that I wish to turn into a server PC. I need to upgrade the RAM and buy a new CPU cooler (need quietness). For added quietness, I need a graphics card. Can someone reccomend me something really cheap and reliable. I just need to run one monitor, no games or aything but it needs to be silent!

Thanks in advance 



If anyone could also reccomend a full server build, that would also be appreciated. Needs to be capable of running a home server and gaming server.

Specs of the system itself so we know what could be compatible...

I would imagine a pci express is on there so you can grab a really cheap fanless gpu.

I think newegg has some sales on a couple decent cpu coolers that are pretty quiet.

and ddr3 is stupid cheap if you can use it.


Also you would be surprised at how little specs you need for a server.


What I would recommend is downloading ubuntu server installing the stuff you want. ( except for a window manager )

Once it's installed install whatever window manager you want.. I would recommend lxde so the command would be "sudo apt-get install lxde"

It's one of the most light weight and easiest to used window managers. :)

The motherboard is an asus a8n-SLI (it's all bloody old :P) CPU is an AMD athlon 64 x2 I think. Very new to servery stuff. What exaclty is a window manager for? I wouldnt mind buying cheap new stuff because the computer I'm thinking of re-purposing is stupid old. Back from 2005 ish old, I think. I was just gonna pick up a cheap atx case with good airflow and buy a new CPU cooler and graphics card 

Thanks Again 

My server system is older than that. ;) Pretty sure it's 3ghz pent 4 with 1 or 2 gb of ram on a motherboard I don't even remember.

Depending on what you want your server to do what you have seems to be more then enough....

If you have any familiarity with linux you have possibly heard of Unity ( the default window manager in ubuntu ) or KDE or possible XFCE.. LXDE is just another one of those that is super lightweight... its basically what allows your OS have a gui thats the easiest way i could think of explaining it.

I have zero experience with ubuntu, unix, linux, you name it :P Can you point me somewhere to get reading and get started?

Install virtualbox on your computer on your actual computer. Download ubuntu install ubuntu on your virtual machine and start messing around with it. Once you feel like you kind of understand it ( its pretty dang simple ) then install ubuntu server on your computer installation process is quite similar but one is geared towards servers and one is geared towards desktops hence the names.

Google is your friend, my friend. If you know general computer stuff and know of names but not necessarily much about the names that is where google comes in handy. You find out what it actually is then how it works then how you use it.

I've learned everything I know through google and my cousins giving me names of things i know nothing about and then learning about them by researching through google.

I've given you basic information, it's not very elaborate but it's a start. Virtualbox is awesome for messing around so that should be quite helpful for you.

Thanks very much for all your help, Ferman

Don't mention it I will possibly link some tuts and some articles explaining a little bit more of everything when I get off work. ;)

epic, thanks again