Re: IcyDock ramble: home server case

So, @wendell asked for interesting stuff for uATX home lab servers, specifically mentioning SilverStone.

Two cases I personally find very interesting are SST’s older SG11 and SG12 cases. Same interior, but different exteriors. My use case is slightly different, relatively little data (maybe a TB), but I want IOPS, so I want an all-flash solution.

First of all, these cases are small - 23 liters. In that, they fit:

  • internal 3x3.5"
  • internal 9x2.5"
  • an external 5.25"

With how easy this case seems to be to work with, (watch, or skim this one, guy filmed the whole build process in SG12), the lack of being hot swappable for those nine 2.5" drives doesn’t seem to be of importance for a home server.

Add in an IcyDock 6x2.5" hot swappable bay in that 5.25", and you’ve got yourself freaking fifteen 2.5" drives in 23L.