RE: "how-start-programming"

So for some reason (locked?) I couldn't reply to the topic so here it is.

I actually thought this was going to be a question, not a how-to thread. Either way I would put out there that learning B.A.S.I.C. would actually be something to start with before the rest as it is really simple, generally straight forward, and can even be practiced on those TI-84 calculators that kids have been using in school for a decade+. I think I took that class like 6 times for fun in HS and it helped me get the basics down before I started the C/C++ classes. I know there's different flavors, of BASIC, but I'm sure there's a free version online somewhere for practice.

Devon wrote that really good how-to guide, but I don't know why he locked it, shame. I'll ask him why he locked it.


I too actually started in BASIC. The only problem is I don't have many resources on it that I have used online that aren't books. I want it to be a little bit easier to learn the language than I had to start with walls of text from games in books. That being said, I'll do some research into it tonight and probably add it.