RDP over VPN Activation Error

So I haven’t been able to find anything online that has helped me solve this issue, but whenever one of my four windows PCs attempts to connect to our partner company’s server we run into an error that says “There is a problem with your remote desktop license and your session will be disconnected in 60 min”. It only pops up when connecting to their server. We’ve been getting around it by disconnecting at the 2 minute warning and reconnecting, but that isn’t a long term solution. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

To clarify we use Sonicwall NetExtender VPN to connect to their domain.

Sounds like you are connecting with a server that’s a Remove Desktop Session Host that does not have enough Client Access Licenses (CAL) associated with it.

You need to talk with whoever admin’s it.

I have and he claims there are licences attached to the accounts we are signing in with. I’m trying to rule everything out on my end before I start pointing fingers.

You may want to check GPO and see if there is a timeout on “Session Time Limits”. Typically this doesn’t throw up the warning upon connection but maybe something to look at.

Do, gpresult /h report.html in cmd see if there is anything set.

It will be under User Config -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host

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You were right to have me check the group policy though that wasn’t the issue. Turns out the GPO I set up to turn RDP on on all of our workstations though not configured to change any licensing settings was indeed changing the licensing setting to per user which was making it pull from the account on our end rather than theirs. I had to completely delete that GPO and recreate it to get it to work.

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