Razetheworld [email protected] (folding at home)

do we have a [b]folding at home[/b] team?

if not... *coagh* logan *coagh*

cuz im thinking about doing from folding fer dem evil cancers!

and heres a kool guide on running multiple [email protected] clients for multi gpu systems::


Yeah we do.....team # 142600

k thx

wut folding at home?

Google it

I'm going to start folding as well. Everyone, do this shit.

i want to do it when i get a better system

Finally! I've been the only consistent folder since the bloody team was made!

I'm gonna get on this too... been too busy being lame... time to fold!

Can anyone explain me exactly what folding does? :P

Helps find a cure for cancer and other genetic diseases.

Really? Oh well I guess I'll sign up seeing as my little sister had blood cancer (don't know the name in english) when she was younger. Really bad fucking disease, I do not wish it for anyone.

Yah yah we need more people doing this. I stopped for a while because I got lonely.

I think Im gonna start doing this.

I have been doing this... how long does it take to show up on the list?

also, when you join, download the GPU client... I haven't noticed any slowdown on my computer and my GPU is being used to do the folding.... which is much better.

just turn it off if you are playing video games.

BTW, does it uses any bandwith or w/e? or just hardware related resources?

It uses bandwidth, but barely. And not all the time just when it uploads the results and downloads a new project. It might use like 100mb over a month.

Logan -- stats are updated like every 6 hours. And if you finish your next one while it's updating it doesn't show up until the next update.

Thanks for the info Dewality. I will start tomorrow.