Razer Vesupla mouse mat is complete S**T

Just bought a replacement mouse mat for my Razer eXactmat Xcontrol (many many years old now), with the Razer Vespula, BAD MOVE, REALLY BAD MOVE! After 1 hour of using, it's back in the box and going back. This thing has the build quality of mc donalds paper cup, Here's my Amazon review:

This product is by far the worst mouse mat and wrist rest I've had to date, here's why:

  1. Razer's quality of products have certainly not been upheld with this product, it feels cheap, it's plastic and is not the same colour as the product advertised, it's light grey in the inner mouse mat area.

  2. IT'S PLASTIC! For the price this thing should have been made out of titanium / carbon nanotubes / graphine!

  3. After reading the reviews of why people are saying it's already starting to ware away, I now know why, it's plastic, and judging by the feel of it, the cheapest plastic they could get from the cheapest mass producer of cheap plastics they could get

  4. Having the old razer metal mouse mat for many years I felt it needed replacing, it's grainy side I used all day for work and gaming as the smooth surface was just too smooth for me. This plastic piece of **** however, the grainy surface doesn't make for a more tactile experience, doesn't change the mouses behavior, it obviously hasn't been tested or designed to improve mouse movement (not with my razer death adder anyway), so I have to use the smooth side which is more like the grainy side on the old metal mat I had.

  5. It's width is ok, the height is quite short, I got a 2" gap between the top and bottom of my razer death adder mouse from top edge to bottom edge

  6. The wrist rest, pathetic, flexes if you stick your thumb in it, but that's about it, doesn't soften up or shape to you when you put your wrist on it. Not to mention it's very thin which doesn't give much support for your wrist, it does a better job of cutting off the blood circulation.

In summary
AVOID! I spend all day at work on the computer and then more when I get home, a good mouse mat and wrist rest is essential and this is only good for throwing away. Get a metal mouse mat and if you were after a mouse mat with a good wrist rest like me, keep looking as this is not the one. Thank god I ordered a roll up gaming mat at the same time.

If you can find the old Razer eXactMat X control mouse mat and wrist rest you will have a lovely mat and wrist rest then, it will last many years, probably why I can't find it anymore, razer probably discontinued it for that reason.

Also the product on Amazon is nearly black, not #CCCCC or lighter grey ;)

The Razer Vespula mouse mat (Cheapest plastic on planet earth!)

The Razer eXactMat (good mad, metal build and quality which lasted years)