Razer Synapse software crashes every time BT mouse reconnects

I use a 2015 Razer Orochi mouse with one of my laptops. The mouse goes to sleep after about three minutes of inactivity, and when I shake it or click it wakes back up and reconnects. This is fine with me, as it saves battery and only takes about a second to reconnect, but every time it does this the Synapse software, which controls my custom mouse button functions, crashes. It just shuts out for some reason. Is this a common issue with a common solution? It's very annoying to have to re-launch the software all the time.

Googled around, couldn't find anything. All I can tell you is that Synapse is terrible, terrible software. Like, the worst. Might have more luck asking here:


Is the button exposure on your Razer device transparent? if so, you may be able to use something like joytokey to manage macros in the meantime.