Razer Swtor mouse 48$ @ Newegg

Hey, first off I'm not sure if this is in the right section. If not then I apoligize in advance. 

Newegg has the Razer Swtor mouse for 48$. It is an open box though. I've purchased a few open box items from them and never had a problem. Just thought I'd share in case anyone was a Star Wars fan.


I would say grab it if you are considering getting it. :) Razer is topnotch for periphearls. For the open box, it has to come with the charger and mouse. Which is all that you need.

Empire for life!

razer really isnt that top notch, sure they make great peripherals but they tend not to have the best quality.     And they often charge too much money, i was looking for mousemats the other day and i saw some regular sized razer mats for 50 freaking dollars, thats exensive man. Just an example.

The mouse pads are just outragous, but everything else is well priced for what they offer. This exclused out of date things, like the 2010 Orochi which is 70 usd vs the 2013 Orochi which is better in everyway and is the same price. The keyboards should be mechanical for their prices, but they are still good.

Did you get the mouse?