Razer Project Christine

Hey what do you guys think the future of project Christine may be like?  Is it even feasible for such an easily switchable desktop to compete with all other computers? Could we see this technology adopted by Microsoft or Apple? I think this idea is pretty cool, but I'm not sure about how real its idea is.


Well, from what I've seen it's really just user friendly modability/upgradability with some basic hot swap functionality.  It may make it easier for the masses to tackle upgrading their computer and thus make it more appealing, but for the enthusiast/tech community, I doubt it will have much impact.  Though it would be nice to have that functionality for say, external optical and hard drives.  Instead of plugging them in, you could just slide it into an open slot in your case.  Would make for a cleaner setup.

Personally, I just can not see a market for this. I would assume that people who could figure out what parts they would need to upgrade their system could also figure out how to remove a PCIe card and a few connectors. Plus, the price of a proprietary system like this is sure to be astronomical, same with upgrades. With all of that being said, maybe they could use the hype from this (because I think it looks cool and different) to get their foot in the door for some Razer looking hardware pieces, Cases, liquid cooling components, ect...

What is that proprietary monstrosity?

It is going to be a proprietary disaster, almost like that razer edge tablet (I haven't heard much about that). I mean sure, it makes water cooling easy, but the price will be so high that it won't be worth it for your general PC builder, especially since coolers like the Hyper 212 do just as good a job as many water cooling units. The only market I see is people with everything, people with money-trees, and razer fanboys.