Razer Naga/Lycosa

Hey there,I am now deciding between Razer Naga (mice) and Lycosa (keyboard),I own laptop so I have a keyboard and I have a razer deathadder,I play mostly l4d2 and counter strike,not mmos at all for now.I want more macro keys and the question is what is better razer naga with plenty of buttons but maybe hard to move mouse while pressing buttons or get Lycosa macro some keys that I do not use and use (now getting a bit old) deathadder?tyvm

lycosa simply because its the best for fps, though i love my deathadders feel.

Decided Lycosa mirror because its freakin´ hot :D and Deathadder is not so bad ... have try him with Sphex.

Damn,they do not have it stock in shops in my country and shiping from razer is expensive ... have to find another solution ...

inb4 Saitek

More like.. Inb4 Mionix Naos 5000 (mouse)
It's like swedens answer to razer. Just like how Roccat is Germany's answer to razer



i have a lycosa. i love it... although im a big fan of logitec mice. i have a g5 and will get a g500 soon

i bought the lycosa and it has a great control for example; ability to move my fingers across the board super fast because of the low profile keys. Really great when i need to use oh shit buttons :)

by the way, have you checked out the lachesis? i own it and on a 1920x1200 res monitor 4000 DPI is more than enough IMO :) it has a great feel also, and i have small hands

I have a lycosa and its awesome!!!

I get lycosa :D I heard that in Naga you can not program buttons ...