Razer Naga 2014 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse

Just wanted to start off by saying hello and offer the obliagory but genuine thank you for all the work you guys do. Now that thats been taken care of I was wondering if Pistol will be doing a review on the new Razer Naga 2014 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse?

I much like many other people owned the original naga and while finding the buttons useful for WoW and FPS games like BF3, found the build quality and minor design flaws in regards to my personal preferences to be cummbersome as time went by. I should also point out that it outright died within its warranty period and razer were disturbingly uncooporative with my claims and I have since then avoided their products on merit as well as the fact that theyre not as innovative as they once were, build quality of many product lines appear to be in decline and several of the products are now overpriced due to being slapped with the 'ultimate gaming' tagline.


I promise my ranting is now complete and while Pistol is presumably very busy with all of the work she does on other youtube channels it would be really great to get her take on the new razer naga mouse and I bet many other viewers would like to see it.


Kind regards;



Yeah I was having the dilemma of getting a new mouse and almost bought the razer Naga..I read a bunch of reviews about the naga breaking right after the warranty...So i waited and got the Logitech G600..But I would love to see a review on this new Naga..Even though The Logitech should last a good while..