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Razer Mamba Not working in Wireless mode

Ok, so I got a razer mamba from a friend of mine. He somehow messed it up, so that wireless will not work, but wired will. I think the issue is that the firmware on the dock is different from the firmware on the mouse. Easy fix right? Just update both the dock and the mouse to the same version. Apparently not. Whenever I tried to update the firmware, I followed the instructions to the letter, and it still said "No Mamba mouse detected". I found that this problem has happened to other people, and that there is a fix. The fix I followed will be down below. I follow the instrucions to the letter, but when I try to reconnect the mouse, windows detects it, and seems to install the proper drivers somehow. Therefore, its not an "unknown device" in the device manager, and I cant manually force update the drivers.

Any help would be really appreciated


Gareth Ellis


 Install Razer's driver software onto a 32bit OS, or turn off Signature Enforcement on Win 64 (Vista or RC 7) by  pressing F8 during the boot process.
 Now turn off your mouse, unplug it, and plug it in again while holding the pairing button.
 Open the device manager, you should see a device somewhere that is "not installed properly". 
 View the properties for that device and click "Update Driver"
 Choose to browse your computer for the driver.
 Browse to the root Razer folder where your driver is installed. Select "Include Subfolders" and search.
 The computer will find and install the "Freescale JM60 Bootloader".
 It will ask you if you want to install unsigned drivers, click the option to install and then run the firmware update              again.

If you have issues with the dock you can do the same thing for it and the dock will be fixed as well.