Razer Leviathan Mini, Any chance for a review logan?

for @Logan Seeing as you're the resident audiophile, or did you already turn one down for review?

I'd imagine there are also better small speaker options/wireless speaker options?


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Yah I'm interested to know his opinion. Probably to busy though

I think it'll have to be pretty damn amazing to justify the price, think it's like $230 US, so for me that'd be $345-ish NZ

That's the big one, this one's like $170 I don't get it either

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When was the last time a Razer product was amazing and had a justified pricetag?

The last Razer product reviewed by Tek Syndicate was the Razer Tiamat headset (~3 years ago) and ~2 years ago a comparison between the Logitech G600 and the Pistol's Razer Naga Molten.

The Seiren was just meh and right now Razer is just re-heating their already existing mice/keyboards as RGB-versions (and an RGB mousepad).

Their stuff is mediocre at best and usually have a terrible "bang for the buck" rating. So, I - personally - don't think that Logan will buy and review something that's most likely not recommendable. Especially after the recent speakers buyer's guide.

Edit: G600, not M600.

I have a blackwidow and a naga hex and they were both good for the price IMHO, but this seems ridiculous even for razer

They have a few products that are pretty well priced at times, like the deathadder is like 40 bucks right now, and I got a blackwidow TE for like 60 bucks

last product kinda worth the price tag was probably the Razer Blade 14

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@flamesilver @Streetguru the official prices in Razer's own store are ridiculous. I got the Naga 2014 for ~84€, Amazon.de had a few lightning-sales for ~66€ and in the Razer store it costs 100€. The Hex is 100€ too (and the cheapest I could find in a different shop is ~60€ right now). The list goes on and on (Deathadder Chroma ~85€, Black Ops III Edition ~100€).

As for the Razer Blade: the RAM is soldered into the motherboard. Not acceptable for the price- IMO.

They're not as bad as beats but very close to Apple: lots of bling, hefty price, but overall mediocre and usually not in the "best bang for the buck" category (special sales from other retailers not included).

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