Razer Kraken

hi all,

I just want to know your opinion on this Headset because i want to buy one.






I've not had any experience with this headset in particular but I went through a good few sets of Skullcandy headphones a couple of years ago and I've got to say they are the easiest things to break.The wires were weak, the drivers weren't soldered to them properly and the balance was massively bass heavy and didn't give good mids or highs. 

For the price of the PLYR 1s I would probably get a pair of Sennheiser PC360s or PC350s. I have a friend who has a pair of the 360s and it's a great headset.

I could be completely wrong about the PLYR 1s because I haven't touched the brand since my 3rd pair broke and my music taste improved dramatically. They could have improved since then.

well i think twice yesterday, because of the price ï'm in mexico and here te 179 usd skullcandy headset is in 279 usd so...no, i'm thinking on the Razer Kraken, because i saw that it have a better mic, and sound equal and the price here is 150 usd, so i have to decline for the Kraken