Razer Keyboard

I'm looking for a Razer keyboard, I want it to be comfy/ergonomic. I have a good budget, but not an excellent one. Meaning that I can go for any keyboard except the Deathstalker Ultimate with the touchscreen touchpad. I don't care about the sound, my computer sounds like a jet engine already. Thanks in advance.

Don't buy Razer, Two of my friends both made the mistake of buying Razer mechanical keyboards and they hate them, They're ugly, show fingerprints, and have the build quality of dirt. Please don't be 12 and buy it because it lights up.

I have a BlackWidow Tournament edition and its built well, its nice because the MX blues are slightly dampened, dont listen to elitists telling you to stay away form them like plague.

Some of there products arent that great and some are a bit overpriced but for the most part there pretty good, id go for just a standard BlackWidow.