Razer Eletra vs Kraken vs Other?

Ok so I have finally gotten fed up enough with my apple earbuds from like 3 years ago, so I need a new headset for gaming.  I am looking at either the Eletra or the Kraken due to their apparent good quality and good sound from all that I have seen, not to mention that they are in my price point.  I can only spend $50 no matter what unless you recomend the kraken which I was for $55.  If I had any more I would get a steelseries siberia v2.  So I want headphones that have good overall audio, and will be the most comfortable for long gaming sessions.  I also included the other in the title to see if you guys had any other suggestions if you do make sure that they are on amazon as I have a $50 amazon card to use.  Hope you guys can help!

I suggest to stay away from Razer Audio, they're... not really worth the money, even in the $50 range. I'd either save or wait for Siberria V2s (for sale or until you can pull money together for them)


PS if you want something REALLY cheap that gets the job done, doesnt have terrible audio clarity/quality and are VERY comfortable after broken in, I reccomend the Plantronics GameCom 367 (if you can find them since they're discontinued, they were roughly $30 new when I bought mine, most comfortable headset, not headphones, I had ever worn)

Ok how about the Corsair Raptor HS30, I just saw those and they are just in my budget and they seem to be pretty good anyone have any experience with them?  Or the Logitech G230?

I'd assume they'd be decent, since Corsair seems to understand audio enough with their example of their SP series, and I've heard nothing bad about the HS series, but Corsair stuff always seems to have a higher pro list than con list. Only thing I dont know at all is comfort of them, just hoping those use a soft feathery fabric or smooth leather rather than what Logitech turned to with those awful mesh cups (eww)

hmmm ok why are logitech cups bad?  Logan seemed to be pretty happy with this headset in his review.  I saw some bad reviews on that corsair headset, so I'm probably going to stay away from them.  Also I have seen some good reviews with that logitech headset.  Hopefully someone else that has the headset can give some input on it.  Thanks for your help Hikage, I was really still leaning toward those razer headsets.

Well after reading more reviews it seems that no one likes those earpads like you said so I guess I'll keep looking or save up for the siberas unless someone else has some suggestions.

Bump anyone else have any opinions?

i don't have any specific recommendation other than buy headphones from a company that specializes in headphones, not a company that specializes in keyboards and mice, the reasoning should be obvious

Superlux HD 681 EVO's.You can get them from Audio Hipster http://www.audiohipster.com/AudioHipster/Headphones.html


.You can read review on the headfi forums.

Sry for double,you can also get them from amazon.Im not from USA so i didnt see that right away :) .Ask for Velour pads,here in Europe we also get Velour pads.