Razer Deathadder 2013 No Longer Working On My Laptop

I have had my Razer Deathadder 2013 for a few months now and it has been working perfectly fine on my laptop, until today that is. I wake up this morning open up my laptop and plug in my Razer Deathadder and it doesn't work. I tried unplugging it, moving it to each of the other 3 USB ports and various other methods I found on the internet to attempt and fix this problem.

I tried plugging it into my sister's laptop to see if it would work and it did. I also got her mouse and plugged it into my laptop and her mouse worked on my laptop. I have no idea why this is happening, could someone out there please inform me on how to fix this issue?

might not help but there was an update to the mouse software razer use yesterday or the day before, perhaps completely re-installing those could help.

How do I re-install these updates?

Also I would like to add that my computer seems to not even notice when my mouse is plugged in because typically when I plug my mouse in, my computer makes a sounds. Now it does none of that.

probably go to add/remove programs and find the razer synapse i think they are called and remove it, although if its not being picked up by your laptop it ma not work.

does it power up when you plug it into your usb ports? (lights up) if not then maybe something gone screwy with you usb root hub.

It doesn't power up/light up when I plug it in.

I still need help on this matter.

Never mind, the problem has been resolved.