Razer Blade 14 2014 Black Screen

a new Project for my bored self.

Fixing a Razer Blade 14 from the year 2014.

The Issue is, that the screen stays black everything else works.

Deleted crap.


4h of looking over the board and measuring a lot of voltages and fuses and shorting VCOR once,
i finally stumbled across two little ICs who stand out the croud.

their clock pins are connected and don't have a clock signal. Yay
Now where the fuck does that clock come from ?

ill soon add pictures and such, for your enjoyment.

Clock probably comes from this one

I fu?*en don't get the IT Datasheet.
its some kind of management controller, pretty much involved in everything.
the only picture of the actual pin-out of that thing, that i could find isn't available anymore FU!?

For me, its time to go and get some sleep!

Bad power supply or mobo? Sounds like it's not turning on all the way or power isn't getting to all the correct places?

Bullshit answer :
sorry but thats just the easy answer ...

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Can we ban this guy yet?

I know you're just a kid, but for fuck's sake, get a grip.

what ?

what ?

GPU. had the same issue on another gaming laptop. you will need to solder another gpu on there or get another motherboard.

if its the GPU i'm pretty fucked, because i'm not going to solder that.

But i will solder nearly everything else on there if necessary.

for example, i have located a VRM that isn't outputting anything at all.
That VRM is right beside the LVDS 30 Connector.
Somewhere near that VRM are 19.?? V going to the LVDS.
Right beside it, is another VRM that outputs 1.05V.

GPU VRMs CPU VRMs and RAM VRMs seem to be ok.

there are a few other sketchy things on the Board but i think, i'm slowly making progress!

I may have found a culprit, its this chip http://www.macronix.com/Lists/Datasheet/Attachments/3223/MX25L6406E,%203V,%2064Mb,%20v1.9.pdf

And there are 2 pins with no voltage on them. I think i should check those with an Ozi just to be sure.

but, one step at a time!