Razer BlackWidow Ultimate vs 2013 Edition?

Ok so I am looking to get a new keyboard, I was going to get the new Razer Deathstalker but then I seen the price. So I will probably end up going for the BlackWidow Ultimate.

When looking at the BlackWidow I noticed that there is now a 2013 version, so I tried to find what is different except the backlight colour and I couldn't find anything on the Razer site.

So my question is, does anyone know what the differences between the two keyboards are except the backlight colour?

BlackWidow (For some reason I can only find the Mac version on the Razer site now but here is the keyboard on a stores site.)

BlackWidow 2013

Just the backlight, that's it, all Blackwidows use Cherry Blue switches.

I bought the first Ultimate (I think there are three different ones) I love my keyboard. I like how it clicks but if you don't want that buy the stealth edition. now there are some negatives. One it looks a little to "flashy" for me and it has a glossy finish. I think the stealth and probably the 2013 have the matte finish oh them which I think will look better in the long run. But this was the only one available when I was shopping for keyboards. The Black widow is for people who want smaller raised keys instead of flat large ones like on the Lycosa.

Now from what I can tell the difference is the back light color. I think I heard something about even more keys working att the same time (anti ghosting) but I've never had a problem with mine.