Raze of the Triad (Rise of the Triad Multiplayer Gameplay)

So RoTT is out. And it's awesome.

Very awesome.

I've played through the first episode of the campaign as well as about 2 hours of multiplayer on the Tek Syndicate server. As such, I thought I would put up some gameplay that I recorded on the server. It's a load of fun and I suggest you guys shell out the $15 so y'all can join in too. Seriously, it's worth the dough.


Here is the link to the thread with information about the server. See you there!


Here is a link to my walkthrough as well if anyone is interested in the campaign footage:

Also Katicarza stop corner camping with the mini-nuke. Seriously man, that shit aint cool ಠ_ಠ



Oh hay, that was a fun match. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play since then with all the patch nonsense

I also really enjoy this game.  I hope the patch stuff for GOG is sorted soon because even the i have it on steam it still negatively affects me due to lack of people being able to play online.....:(